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Clearing a pathway to success

Our dedicated specialists work in unison with your team to unlock the full potential of your innovation.

We utilise the most intelligent commercial strategy for each individual case, ensuring you invest both efficiently and effectively in your journey to market, while ensuring its protection and maximising its value for the future.

Business Services

  • Product Design Risk Assessments

  • Competitor & Market Analysis

  • Sustainable Innovation Road Mapping

  • Innovation Development & Management

  • Assistance with Prototyping

  • Access to Research & Development

  • Sourcing Funding Opportunities

  • Engineering Design & Prototyping

  • R&D Tax Credit Applications

  • Production Cost Analysis

Market Sectors

  • Advanced Composite Materials

  • Biotechnology

  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

  • Electronics & Photonics

  • Energy (Inc. Renewables)

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Environmental Products & Services

  • Low Carbon Technologies

  • Recycling & Waste Management

  • Public Sector Evaluations

Unlock your innovations potential.
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